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If you haven’t seen the wonderful interview with Professor A. N. Yiannopoulos in the June/July 2016 issue of the Louisiana Bar Journal, I suggest you click HERE.

I first encountered Professor Yiannopoulos as a common law trained attorney diving headfirst into a 500,000-acre oil and gas project covering lands in North Louisiana. All the words and concepts were foreign to me (servitude? usufruct?) and I had to spend hours pouring over secondary sources to get up to speed. One name came up over and over again in my searches: Yiannapoulos. It seemed to me he had literally written EVERYTHING on Louisiana property law. Discussions with my friends from Tulane confirmed he HAD actually written everything, and was regarded as one of the foremost Civil Law experts in the world. Tyler G. Storms’ interview offers delightful insight into his life and work. I highly recommend it.

My favorite quote from the article is “the Civil Law is beautiful,” which mirrors my own sentiments. The simplicity, effectiveness and perceived exoticness of Civil Law continue to captivate me as an oil and gas practitioner. I always enjoy crossing the Sabine River and delving into the curious corners of the Civil Code and the Revised Statutes (especially the Mineral Code).

The interview can be found HERE.

A list of Professor Yiannopoulos’ articles can be found HERE.

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