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No surprise to this Midlander, Christi Craddick has been elected Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission. Craddick, a Midland native and oil, gas and natural resources attorney, plans to pursue the following initiatives:

  • Meetings with Texas operators to outline a five-year plan that will allow us to better understand where the industry is headed technologically to ensure the agency employs best practices that keep pace with industry innovation.
  • Sessions with our district office staff throughout the state to ensure we are consistent in the application of our rules and enforcement actions carried out at the district level.
  • Input from staff involved in our day-to-day operations on potential ideas for cost saving and efficiency measures.
  • Tours of South Texas, Eagle Ford Shale and West Texas, Permian Basin regions throughout the spring to meet with local leaders about the effect the downturn has had in their communities as we work to understand regulatory impacts on industry and resulting economics within those communities during this time.

Commissioner David Porter (Left), Chairman Christi Craddick (Center)
and Commissioner Ryan Sitton (Right)

The Press Release can be found HERE

Craddick’s website can be found HERE

Click HERE to donate to Christi Craddick before the moratorium kicks in during the 2017 Legislative Session.


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