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The Texas Title Examination Standards are a-changing. To review the proposed changes click here: Final_Warranty_Standard_9817. E-mail your comments and suggestions to Bill Burford at before October 15, 2016.

The current proposed changes include the following:

Standard 17.10. Title from the Sovereign

If you’re acquainted with Aloysius Leopold’s Texas Land Titles, Standard 17.10 will sound very familiar. The Standard traces patent and title issues through Texas history from Mexico, to Spain, into the Republic of Texas, and ending in the United States. Additionally, the Standard covers mineral title matters pre- and post- September 1, 1895, detailing the Relinquishment Act, Sales Act, etc. Vacancies and excess acreage are also addressed, among other topics. I find the Standard to be quite well written, succinct, and a welcome addition.

Standard 4.130. Warranties of Title

This Standard reminds us that title examiners need not address the issue of title warranties as they are not part of the conveyance and do not enlarge the grant. Always good to know!

You can download the current Title Examination Standards here: TXTitleExamStandards2016.


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