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Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick announced details of her Oilfield Relief Initiative at the August 9, 2016 meeting of the Texas Railroad Commission. The initiative seeks to streamline administrative procedures in order to reduce the cost of government regulation of the oil and gas industry while avoiding weakening public and environmental protections, correlative rights, or measures designed to prevent waste of resources. Commissioner Craddick, who is also an attorney specializing in oil and gas, water, tax, electric deregulation and environmental policy, has a history of quality work at the Commission. It is no surprise, then, that her initiative is getting great reviews.

Reactions to the initiative:

“…I applaud the leadership of Commissioner Craddick and pledge our participation and support of her regulatory initiative…”

  • Bob Osborne, Chairman of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers

“The Commission’s efforts could not be more timely given the current economic struggles the industry faces. The Permian Basin Petroleum Association applauds Commissioner Craddick’s leadership of this effort.”

  • Ben Shepperd, Permian Basin Petroleum Association President

Selected provisions of the initiative:

Allow a calculated well shut-in pressure to be provided when filing Form G-10 for gas wells to reduce regulatory administrative burden.

Amend Production Requirements for marginal and stripper wells to reduce regulatory administrative burdens.

  • Revise “Active Oil Well” definition from ten barrels of oil (BO) per month for 3 consecutive months to five BO per month for 3 consecutive months or any reported production in each month for a consecutive 12 month period (SWR 15)
  • Revise “Active Gas Well” definition from 100 mcfg per month to 50 mcfg per month or any reported production in each month for a consecutive 12 month period (SWR 15).

The full press release can be found HERE.

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